Why Do Healers Feel Lost?

Venus has just entered its detriment in the sign of Scorpio, which is also the sign in which the Moon falls, while Uranus and Pluto both exalt in this sign. As a primary symbol of the point at which life comes to an end, it is also a sign that indicates where sexuality is stored, as well as the actual process of conception; hence, the relationship between life and death is reduced to a single point, where all is summed up in Oneness. One thing that unites all those who are skilled in the art of spiritual healing is a strong planetary connection to the sign of Scorpio, Pluto, and the eighth house. The more links that are discovered in a person’s natal chart, the more “merry” their strong position will be.

The Most Fundamental Obstacle

In order to become a true healer, one will have to work through generational trauma (exalting Uranus) as well as some dark, secluded matters, castaway individuals in their family line, repeating patterns, and possibly repeating trauma, until feelings are finally aligned, and the personal sense of purpose is recognised. This process can take a very long time. People who are sensitive, on a mission to become healers, and were born with their ascendant in Taurus, Cancer, or Libra are more likely to experience extreme cruelty in the absence of support and contact if they are in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio can be an extremely lonely place when one feels unseen. Technically speaking, this places them in a position where they are emotionally invisible because they stand to show their role as a healer, both physically (the Moon and Venus as ascendant rulers) and emotionally (their first house ruler), through entities that are not supported and loved by Scorpio. At the same time, they will have a strong conviction (which will often be brought on by planets that are placed in Scorpio or their eighth house) that it is precisely what they should be doing to assist the healing of others.

The most important thing to remember is not to go after external acknowledgment but rather the internal ideal of love. When love for the self is damaged, this can bring about extreme sensitivity; therefore, one must always work on improving their own heart, the way they accept their body, emotions, and thoughts; this will allow them to be stable enough to help someone else and love someone else without getting dragged through the mud or getting lost in the ways or judgments of other people when the light shines of their wounds. Even those people who do seek treatment and ask for it are not always prepared to accept the responsibility that comes along with realising the extent to which their grief has conditioned them.

The fifth house of Pisces, often known as the love of wandering aimlessly

It is both a blessing and a significant obstacle because the sign of Scorpio is the one that has the deepest affection for Pisces. This is the fifth sign from Scorpio, which corresponds to its fifth house. This is the sign that enables it to express its creative side, have some fun, and bring new life into the world. It is the vision of associating with other people on a level of Love Divine, where one’s inner children play in an emotional utopia, in accordance with a powerful ideal of connection in its purest form. This instils a powerful desire and a burning desire for each healer to take initiative and pursue what they intuitively believe to be their mission, even if they do not fully comprehend it. They will have an insatiable appetite for increased sensitivity and emotion, as well as an ocean of healing energies that can be discovered in the most mundane aspects of daily life.

On the other hand, and as an obvious drawback, taking on such a massive mission brings with it a great deal of confusion. Because they are healers, they are bound to the destinies of other people, and because of this, they may feel bound to those destinies. Because of this, they may always choose to serve the wellbeing of those who are close and intimate with them, getting lost in the narratives, journeys, and ideals that belong to someone else. They may neglect to care for their own needs in the course of being supportive of what they perceive to be the genuine core of another person, and as a result, they may fail to realise their own function and their own identity. As soon as they have achieved self-assurance and stability and have taken on the mantle of the healer, they are able to better control their feelings and begin offering assistance only when it is specifically requested. Quite frequently, people spend years and decades working to transfer their “savior’s complex” to a healthy level, where they can deliver solutions while still fully valuing themselves. This type of transformation can take a very long time. The flow of energies must go in both directions.

Unaccepted and in Denial of the Facts

When a healer is young, they will frequently stick to a single course of action for as long as they are accompanied by others. If they study material that isn’t a good fit for who they are as individuals, they could do exceptionally well while working with other people but have trouble when they try to learn on their own. The problem arises when their success is shared with others, leading them to believe that this is also their actual passion, their place, and their journey. This causes them to suffer from an identity crisis because they are unaware that they already have a job, a role that is significant and important. As a result of losing sight of the significance they hold for themselves, they start looking for “more acceptable” social positions through their interactions with other people. Not only does this diminish their worth, but as their perception of their own worth wanes, they begin to experience feelings of being disoriented and as if they have no identity at all. They are willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause, but as a result, they are weighed down by the inflexible, negative views of others, which have convinced them that they should not be who they truly are.

These people typically struggle to get their family members’ acceptance because of the negative connotations associated with the sign of Scorpio. Their parents and the people who are closest to them could advise them, out of the best possible intentions, not to go to those dark places with other people, to choose not to love who they love, and not to give in to sadness while reaching for resolutions and light. These are all choices that could be made. It is inevitable that the yearning of others to go on, to not cure or heal but to spend life looking away from suffering, will haze their image and make them more susceptible to harm. This frequently causes them to look for their way in different places, rather than in the places where they believe they should. In order to free their heart from feelings of inadequacy, not belonging, getting lost, sadness, and loneliness, they must first be permitted to feel every emotion to its fullest extent. This is something that frequently becomes easier when they are alone or when they are separated from their biological family.

Destructive Shame

The field of our collective taboos and greatest instinctual desires is the field of Scorpio, which also stands for sexuality (in its pure emotional form as represented by the element of Water). Individuals who choose the path of an energetic healer are expected to have strong sexual energies, as this is the field in which sexuality is represented. This is a hurdle in and of itself if the people they care about embarrass them or pass judgement on them because of it in any manner. If a person’s sexual partner uses their energy to grow beyond a painful situation while simultaneously making them feel guilty for expressing their sensitive and profound sexuality, it’s easy for their defences to build up to the point where they begin to believe that the only option left to them is to shut down their emotions.

Difficult personal relationships, partners who are envious or unfaithful, and those who deny and degrade their very emotional sexuality have the potential to damage them to such an extent that they become reclusive and lose trust in both themselves and the road they have chosen. Because of their fragile, highly sensitive hearts, Scorpios often find it simpler to put their faith in the words of a loved one than in their own intuition; this is the point at which they risk being harmful to themselves and others.


Every healer needs to come to terms with the reality that the Moon is in its waning phase in Scorpio. It brings about a loss of thankfulness. They have to come to terms with the idea that a lack of acknowledgment is not a reflection of their own inadequacies but rather of the ability of the person standing in front of them to heal their own scars. Because the unconscious is the source of every major part of energy healing, one cannot expect other people to be aware of it in the same way that one cannot expect other people to be aware of the boundaries of those in front of them because they are just human. The true reward comes from a simple inner knowing that someone’s life is now aligned with more meaning, carrying more peace, and easier than it was before, even if they don’t realise that the process of healing required more energy than they had on their own. As painful as this may be, the true reward comes from a simple inner knowing that someone’s life is now aligned with more meaning, carrying more peace, and easier than it was before.

An altruistic healer acts as a bridge for another person on their journey up the spiral of awareness out of pure love. They learn how to defend themselves, replenish their energy, recharge, and offer only as much as another person is willing to process. This is the single most significant thing that they discover. At some point in time, they will discover that their own benefits consist of a profound sense of connection, closeness, and tranquilly. They are favoured by the Universe for battling for healing powers of love, and as a result, the energies in their house become clear and joyful, and their emotions get purified to the point where they are able to call forth exactly what they require. All healers who have faith in both themselves and the sincerity of their work are well on their way to arriving at their destination when they focus their efforts on making Cancer their ninth house.

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