The Authentic Reality Behind Astrology

Are you someone who believes in astrology?

This is a typical question, and whenever it is asked, it often results in a plethora of more inquiries on the topic. Is Astrology something that people believe in? A religion? A lady dressed in a turban who also carries a crystal ball? We astrologers may breathe a sigh of relief since it is none of the above. Although, in order to appreciate this discredited science, you need to have some perspective on the situation and believe in something other than our day-to-day, earthly concerns, at its foundation, it is not a belief system but rather a language that assists us in comprehending symbols itself. What we consider to be true regarding the way in which we are connected to the cosmos through synchronicity is based on observations that have been made over the course of many ages and millennia. Each planet, house, Arabic point, and zodiac sign has its own unique symbolism, and it can be very enlightening to give this symbolism a scientific basis by conducting extensive research and conducting broad and thorough statistical analysis, making sure to take into account all of the relevant factors. This is something that the Astrological Society is dedicated to doing as part of their ongoing attempt to restore the dignity that has been lost along the road.

It is true that in order to study astrology, you need to have an open mind, but the belief system that you will be learning is not one that is forced upon you; rather, it is only a reaction to the information environment that we now exist in.


In earlier times, the practise of astrology was restricted to those individuals who had the good fortune to have an accurate education and acquire information regarding the geometry of planetary projections and celestial creatures. It was a piece of information that was typical in the heads of educated people, namely those who had studied science, physics, and astronomy. Its name comes from the Ancient Greek term logos, which means “order,” “discourse,” and “reason.” It is also the origin of our modern word “logic.” You may trace this concept back to its origin in fields as diverse as psychology, ecology, and geology. At one time, it was thought to be the study of the stars, and it was inseparable from astronomy, which now appears to be its modern-day equivalent in the realm of genuine science. The process of calculating your birth chart was not always as simple as it is now. In previous ages, it took a significant amount of expertise in addition to theoretical understanding in order to determine the precise locations of the houses and planets at a certain instant in time. This was a skill that, at one time, could only be possessed by astronomers.

Astrology lost its place in common studies because it was used to “predict the future,” and as a result, it automatically fell into the category of witchcraft; this is a connotation that it still carries as its own cross to this day. Strong currents of collective beliefs, religion, and fear contributed to this loss. There is a widespread perception that it is in contradiction with religion, and there is also the widespread assumption that it is difficult to accurately foresee the future. Despite the fact that studying it could be attractive, some people will continue to be dubious of it. It is not based on scientific principles, but thorough and in-depth research into the symbols it employs might establish that it is correct. But how are those massive doors opened when there is such hostility directed toward the metaphor of the “crystal ball and turban”?

The Hard Facts

The mystical undertones of our amazing pseudoscience have been used for many years because they offer the person making the forecasts a false sense of superiority over the ordinary people who seek their counsel. Ego issues have a tendency to flourish here since the Sun is in a position of detriment in the sign of Aquarius, which is the sign of Astrology. These issues tend to spread to social situations that are much larger than its primary duty. It is a unique location that is full of surprises, yet it is not at all mysterious if one approaches the examination of it with a sense of playfulness and from the perspective of youthful curiosity (Sun). It is possible that realising that there is an underlying synchronicity in our lives can be terrifying, as it can make things appear to spin out of our rational control when we have this knowledge. On the other hand, it can be extremely freeing to discover information about ourselves that can assist in personal development through a better understanding of the world, other people, and ourselves. Each and every holistic approach to our physical and mental welfare, in addition to specific subfields of psychology, revolves on the same symbolism that Astrology provides at its very foundation.

In point of fact, it has nothing to do with any particular religion or belief other than the idea that things in this world are related in some manner. This is the only explanation that makes sense. The development of science was made possible by brains that were willing to consider outlandish concepts and search for ways in which they were related to conventional wisdom and authentic. Imagine for a moment what may take place if all scientists were to concede the possibility that there is some validity to the foundations of astrology and do in-depth investigation on the subject before passing judgement on its practises. When we talk about anything being “studious,” we mean that it is based on its true principles and is specific enough to determine whether or not it genuinely “works,” while being directed by an appropriate teacher through the process.


What do we pick up from this?

Astrology, because of the mysterious role it played in history, has a number of triggers to things we are afraid we will find out. Entering it demands guts since we do not know what we may discover once we do so. On the other hand, we are ALREADY LIVING our charts each and every day, and the knowledge that there is symbolism in them does not immediately affect our lives in any significant way. Yes, the eighth house, sometimes known as the house of death, is present in every natal chart. And each one of us is destined to pass away, just as death is the ruler of our eighth house. When you start asking if there is something to it, the pseudoscience that people have been studying for thousands of years, it is possible that nothing new will happen to you. In point of fact, there is a possibility that nothing will happen to you at all.

The symbolism demonstrates that Astrology is a tool that may be used to raise our awareness to a higher degree, evolve, and comprehend connections between many events in our life that did not appear to be related in the past. Aquarius is the astrological sign that rules over this. However, we must not forget that Saturn is traditionally considered to be Aquarius’ ruler, and that the most important aspect of Saturn’s symbolism is that of boundaries and constraints. Those who find the concept of significant symbolism repulsive have preconceived notions of where their own limits lie. When the time is perfect, they will discover that even bad feelings speak of their links to the subject of symbolism that they chose not to examine, and they will begin healing in whatever way that is appropriate for their own Soul. This discovery will take place when the time is right.

No of how we feel about this discredited pseudoscience, there is one thing that all of us need to bear in mind at all times. An astrologer needs to be aware of and respectful of every limit and grudge that a sceptic may harbour. To the same extent, a sceptic ought to accept each and every private conviction held by an astrologer. It has nothing to do with “believing in it,” but rather with respecting the unique beliefs that another human being holds. See the person in front of you before passing judgement on them, and keep in mind that we are all connected whether or not we believe in astrology. This is true regardless of which side of the equation you find yourself on.

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