The Art Of Letting Go

Venus and Mars have recently completed a transit over the degree of Neptune’s fall, while Jupiter is currently retrograde and moving slowly back through Pisces toward its entrance into Aquarius. We were all confronted with memories from the past, which brought up a plethora of questions. Regardless of the kind of life you’ve previously built, this puts us all in a position where we have ideals that have been lost and things that we once desired that are still “greater” than what we have now. The reality that we are up against is all of those things that, despite our best efforts to adapt them and make them “function” when it is abundantly evident that they do not, are unable to satisfy our requirements.

Shades of affection

On a visible plane, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are the primary components that make up our emotional world. Neptune, on the other hand, dominates on a greater scale and operates inside the realm of the unseen. It is important to put these other heavenly beings to the side for a moment so that we may focus on the lesson that has been brought to our attention by the central players in the way that we take in, work through, and let out the feelings that are generated by our environment. The close closeness of these things is the most straightforward route to an understanding of the process.

The Moon is the celestial body in the night sky that can be seen the clearest because of its proximity to Earth. It is a representation of our mother and the initial emotional contact we had in our life, as well as the initial impression of any emotional interaction we have had with any other person. This is the place where we are most easily provoked in the beginning, as well as the place where our ideas lie dormant in the centre of the inner child that we want to nurture. It is the location of our most fundamental need, which not only include emotional requirements but also requirements for the very maintenance of life. This indicates that the Moon is a representation of our emotional impulse, which is our reaction to external circumstances that we don’t always understand right away but are aware of because it manifests itself as a flicker, warmth, or pain. Because of the presence or absence of safety and trust in our earliest, most formative, and most important contact with our mothers, the position of the Moon in our natal chart determines whether we will be open for interaction and warmhearted, or whether we will easily close up and remain detached even in safe environments.

The next planet in line is Venus, which is one of the two planets that stand next to Earth. Venus’s reflection is the one that has been calling on sailors and everyone else who is seeking for guidance for a very long time. It represents the processing of our feelings in response to what we have experienced with our Moon. During the course of an individual’s life, Venus teaches them about appreciation, love, and beauty. This is designed to lead to our physical requirements being satisfied on a clear emotional basis, regardless of deficiencies in the original moment defined by our Moon. This planet represents our first “step” toward the Sun, our inner source of creativity and life, a guiding light that enables us to be genuine and true to who we are. The Sun is our inner source of life. Because of this, Venus is prone to falling into the pitfalls of comparison, shame, and jealousy, as well as stumbling onto profound emotional connections with others, all of which have the potential to rob us of our dignity or push us beyond the limits of who we actually are.

Processing our feelings is the first step on the path to self-awareness, which is where we find Mercury and the Sun. These planets represent entities of conscious self-expression and self-respect, which are at their purest when we are grateful. When we have perfected our capacity to adapt to and digest (Venus) events that are outside of our control and are brought to us by other people and external situations, our authenticity is given the opportunity to show through.

Jupiter, the first gas giant and the great guardian, makes up the third and final component of this wonderful emotional trilogy. Jupiter, which represents our beliefs, is currently exalted in Cancer, the sign of the Moon and emotion itself. Therefore, Jupiter is not actually the most rational component in a chart, despite the fact that it appears to correspond mostly to the cerebral plane. It works in discreet partnership with Venus, either contributing fuel to negative interpretations or extending favourable ones, depending on its location and the quality of its influence. Its unadulterated faith in the inherent goodness of people and in the potential of all people, including our own, as well as its capacity to recognise the hurt and confused inner child that resides in each and every individual are the very qualities that enable us to keep our hearts open to other people. Jupiter paves the way for us to assimilate the information that we get through loose and unplanned movement, which paves the way for Venus to guide us toward the conception of ideas and the actualization of what it is that we genuinely require. This is the centre of our beliefs, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, and the entity that calms us down when our feelings appear to be too intense and difficult to handle. It does this by enlightening us to the fact that all of our feelings, including the most difficult and upsetting ones, serve a function in forging our path.

The Supreme Aim

It should come as no surprise that all of the aforementioned things make their way into art and other types of creative labour. As our mental and emotional processes come full circle, the realisation that it is not anyone’s purpose to destroy our genuine essence helps to calm the feelings we have. When things are not taken personally but instead with love and understanding (with our heart cleansed of our own sadness and pain), we become aware that all those who have ever hurt us have been hurt just as much and know no better than to initiate what their beliefs colour with the erroneous image of love. When things are not taken personally but instead with love and understanding (with our heart cleansed of our own sadness and pain), we become aware that all those who have ever hurt us have been hurt just We will make mistakes because of our love for one another, and we will all make these mistakes even if we have the best of intentions (Jupiter), but we will do so while being blind to the scars we leave behind and oblivious to the reactions we provoke in others.

It is in Neptune, the ruler of the unseen, that one may observe the point at which the ideal and the genuine art are located. Neptune comes to give its final word through the ideal manifestation of what we desire, through art, talents, spiritual awakening, or through betrayal, addiction, dishonesty, and ties to the past that are still unprocessed and unresolved. With all of these emotional realities gathered together, Neptune comes to give his final word.

The Remedy For

Neptune and the sign of Pisces, where Venus is exalted and Jupiter is at home, are symbolic of any treatment or cure that we are looking for. It refers to all forms of medicine, including traditional western medicine, eastern medicine, and alternative medicine. It also includes antibiotics, narcotics, alcohol, and any type of opiate you can think of. There is no sign that is more expansive than that of Pisces; when you consider all of its various realities and expressions, it is nearly hard to predict what it will do to a person’s horoscope since there are so many different ways it might play out. Neptune, in its finest form, represents the release and purification of emotions via the power of divine love. It is the fourth sign and the fourth house from the sign of Sagittarius (God, Allah, the Universe), speaking directly of closeness with our “Creator” in its most basic and basic form of emotional expression. It is the dwelling place of our god, and its purpose is to fill our sails with wind and propel us forward in Aries while purifying our intents.

Although words and affirmations are helpful for individuals who have a strong connection of Mercury with the sign of Pisces, it is crucial to remember that deep emotional learning seldom occurs from words and affirmations because Mercury is now in the sign of Pisces. The experience, the mood, and the exhilaration of what we comprehend all serve as teachers for us. This distant flow requires silence, often a great deal of solitude, and an openness to all types of emotions, whether positive or negative, constructive or destructive, so that we can accept who we are to our very core and stop running away and hiding from the aspects of ourselves that are painful and appear to be wrong. Because it is currently in the sign of Leo, Neptune imparts a direct taint upon the representation of the self. Moreover, this is the very location that was touched not too long ago, which triggered us in a variety of ways.

Love Tales and the Art of Letting Go

Neptune wants us to understand that letting go is the most essential thing we can do for ourselves, even if there are many other ways we might try to offer ourselves a taste of divine love. The idealisation of a spouse or loved one is a projection that extends far into the future but only leaves effects if we look back on it, rather than learning from our mistakes and moving on with our lives. In other words, yes, it is a problem to not see the person in front of you clearly as we all deal with numerous projections, but this won’t stop us from living the dream at some point as long as our paths intertwine with that person in emotionally constructive ways as long as those paths intertwine with each other. Trying to maintain the image that you produced at the beginning after it has already been damaged is a far more difficult challenge.

We must constantly be prepared to take the next step if we are to live a life that is perfect and unblemished. If we just cling to memories of those who are no longer here, we will never be able to accomplish our goal. Even if it’s possible that we were mistaken in the beginning, that didn’t stop us from believing in this picture and basing our lives on it for a time. Even if many of us are aware of the moment that the ideal was broken, we continue to hold on to the hope that it will be rebuilt, despite the fact that this was never even a possibility in the first place. Even though people can change, the past can never be changed again. Keeping the picture from the past just taints the relationships we will have in the years to come in our life.

It appears to be a greater challenge for us to accept disappointment and learn from it than it is for us to idealise in the first place. This is because distorted images may only teach us about things we did not see, whereas a refusal to accept disappointment is what keeps us tied to people, situations, and circumstances that we have already outgrown. When we come to grips with the thought that there is no ideal “in this world,” and when we find it simpler to settle with less than what we had hoped for rather than admitting that we have been let down, this is the point at which our energy becomes truly obstructed and lost due to our lack of trust. If we put our own self-respect ahead of our allegiance to someone or something, we could come to the conclusion that it is time to move on and look for fulfilment somewhere else, even if it is just for a short period of time.

Now, when a person backs out, quits believing in the ideal, or loses believing in their spouse, the only thing a person can do is process their disappointment and find their creativity via artistic expression and the relationship they have with themselves. Let go. Giving up on the ideal in order to preserve the image we have of ourselves is never the response that should be chosen. But the real magic happens when two people come together with the same willingness to tackle each next step fearlessly, coping with each and every failure while believing in the ideal AND in one another. This is the kind of enchantment that produces the energy that life has to offer.

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