Stagnation And Change

The present circumstances draw attention to a significant facet of our life that is the source of a great deal of stress for a number of us at the moment. Stagnation, activities coming to a halt, external factors interfering with our intentions, things going to waste after we’ve already invested a lot of energy, and a sensation of being imprisoned and trapped in place are all symptoms of this condition. These are all issues that we are feeling to some extent at this time, not only as a result of aspects of Venus and Mars with Saturn, but also as a result of the fixed elements that these aspects are in, the fall of Uranus (quick change), and other distant planets that are moving in retrograde motion. Just as we got the strength to move on, believing that we are finally free to steer ourselves in a new path, it seems as though the Universe wants us to go back to something, complete the circle.


The inertia that characterises Saturn’s nature is one of the aspects that exerts the most force. Despite the fact that it may deliver a multitude of challenges to our doorstep and serve as a reminder of how insignificant we truly are as humans, where things are delayed, take time, energy is blocked, and sometimes our entire existence appears to come to a complete halt all at once. The most significant drawback of remaining in the same place for an extended period of time is the effect it has on us: it depletes us of our energy and leads us away from feelings of frustration into a state of hopelessness, in which we begin to believe that nothing will ever change because, “obviously,” it never can. The inability to adapt can ultimately lead to sickness, which is an even more hazardous side effect. This is because the unprocessed dissatisfaction that we put into our bodies eventually reveals itself as the ultimate, physical reality. Fortunately, this is not the primary life lesson that Saturn intends for us to learn from him. Even if the problem of Jupiter’s fall in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn may seem to urge us to give up hope despite the fact that we are required to let it go, accept the restrictions and conditions it brings along with it, and let it go, it does not warn us to abandon hope.

Saturn teaches us that we should always take time to relax. Have greater confidence. A part of life for which you are not yet prepared is being shielded from you by the universe until you are ready for it. Saturn has a reputation for being an exceedingly malevolent planet, and this reputation has persisted for generations. However, Saturn is really just a teacher who is strict and does not tolerate compromise. It will not permit anything our Soul does not require for its own development, and while this may seem like an incredible amount of pressure and suffering, it may be our responsibility to give our opposition a breather and assess what the greatest possible outcome we can obtain from our current circumstances is. It’s possible that it’s trying to inform us that we’ve been trying to rush things that shouldn’t be rushed. Because we have not yet found a solution to the problem that it has placed in our way for a reason. because we have not made effective use of the resources that were previously available to us. That we are attempting to sidestep the series of challenges that we Had NO CHOICE BUT TO FACE if we are to proceed with our trip in the manner that we have envisioned for ourselves. The most important thing that it teaches us is the correct way to take responsibility, as well as the appropriate way to take responsibility for other people in our life.

Things that aren’t functional won’t do, and this includes relationships and any lack of balance in giving and receiving. Saturn is now in hard aspects, so things that aren’t functional won’t do. Perhaps one of the partners in the relationship has a lot to offer the other and would be willing to give up everything they own in exchange for a “better life” in the partnership, but Saturn would not allow them to do so. Those individuals who took things for granted or gave more than their hearts could bear will have a clear understanding of the limitations of the real world when things don’t go their way, such as when a loan application is denied, a new pregnancy does not occur, an apartment does not sell, and so on. Therefore, what does this imply? What comes first on the agenda? The presence of Saturn is a reminder that responsibilities must be divided up and that energy must circulate in both directions. It will signal one person that they should finally seek refuge and shelter, and it will tell the other person that they need to change themselves for the one that they are hurting. Whatever it was that got us stuck, we need to envision it in a different way, with someone else, in different settings, where the energies are flowing in harmony so that we may find a place where we can all come together.

In addition, it discusses the limits we place on ourselves, and this is a period in which we SHOULD NOT overspend, waste money on things that don’t work, clothes we don’t need, or engage in any other sort of short-term pleasure that will not be practical for the development of our careers. It is warning us that we should not remain in a relationship with someone who does not fulfil our wants while simultaneously meeting their own needs, or with anyone who finds us helpful without us ever being beneficial to them in return. It will restrict the actions of those who have an abundance of initiative and force those who are passive and wait on others to solve their issues to take responsibility for finding solutions themselves. No matter which side of this equation we find ourselves on in a given circumstance, we are being asked to take responsibility for achieving a sense of equilibrium in our life since Libra is the sign that rules this planet.

Where is the Middle Ground?

Libra, the sign that governs equilibrium, as well as Aries, the sign opposite Libra in which Saturn is located, both speak of the topic of equilibrium as we go deeper into the subject. On the other hand, there is a second delicate line that is entwined with this one and it is the axis of Taurus and Scorpio. Along this line, acceptance may be found. This point represents the actual axis of comfort against change, and Venus is looking for the opposite half of itself here, whereas Libra can easily get rid of Taurus (its eighth house). Libra has a tendency to say things like, “I am smarter than you,” “I compare us,” “I am the one structured,” “I am beautiful,” “I take pride in my plans,” “I know that you (Taurus) should not do what you do,” etc. when they are in this position. After that, the dark response of Taurus is “I am hurt,” “I am unworthy,” “I am static,” and eventually, both of them become “incapable” of change.

In the sign of Scorpio, the only way for change to occur is via the expression of one’s feelings, thus it is important to accept the reality that our bodies and material possessions present. Emotions that have been purified provide us the ability to attract external situations that are more accommodating to our requirements. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our relationships (Saturn), understanding where TRUE balance is found (Libra), understanding who we are (Aries), accepting our unmet emotional and physical needs (Taurus), and only then healing and stepping out of our comfort zone are the steps necessary to get out of stagnation. This practically means that there are a lot more steps to get out of stagnation than one might imagine (Scorpio). Mars ultimately finds what it needs to fill out its actions and become entire on our route to progress as a species in the sign of Scorpio, which is where ultimate, comprehensive, and profound transformation originates. On our journey to become more evolved as a species (Uranus exalted in Scorpio).

Asking yourself where you genuinely got stuck rather than being too hard on yourself and telling yourself that you are incapable or unworthy of having your needs satisfied is a better strategy than being too hard on yourself. Are you getting what you give and getting what you get out of the connections you have? Are you looking for a regimen that will allow you to satisfy both your desires and your responsibilities? Are you aware of the resources that you actually possess? Are you putting your efforts into something that will be beneficial? Are you meant to come up with an original idea that’s a total departure from what you’ve done before this? Do you feel like you’re getting enough sleep? Are you able to satisfy your emotional needs? Are you unable to get past a traumatic event that has not been resolved (Uranus in Taurus)? Are you hesitant to move beyond your current level of familiarity?

When you take all of these questions into consideration, you can see that it all comes down to loving oneself and taking the time to ask ourselves all of the questions that can point out what genuinely stands in our way. You are more complicated than the things you generate or accomplish in your day-to-day existence, so have patience with yourself. Make yourself a delicious lunch, take some time to relax and enjoy the day, and give in to the want to sleep if your activities aren’t producing the desired results just yet. If the issue is beyond your control. It’s be that Saturn just provided you extra time to focus on yourself.

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